#004: Getting Honest About Your Marriage

Getting Honest

An important aspect about improving our marriage involves getting honest about the life of the marriage. It can be helpful to have an honest look at the state of the marriage, how the marriage started and the critical factors that influenced your marriage.

But here is the question: can we get honest about our marriage in a productive manner? Can we honestly assess our marriages without going into deep guilt and shame? Can we do this without feeling like failures?

Is it possible for you to get honest about your marriage, knowing that how you started does not have to be how you finish?

Without honesty, we can spend so much time in fear and shame, avoiding the issues of our life, instead of allowing God to heal us in the light of His love.

In this episode, we want to encourage you to get honest with yourself, God and if possible, your spouse, so that you can both move forward with greater clarity.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The importance of getting honest in your marriage.
  • What keeps us from being honest with each other about our marriage.
  • What are five important questions to ask in order to get honest with your spouse?

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#004 Getting Honest About Your Marriage – Transcript

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