About Marriage for Overcomers

Marriage for overcomers is a series of broadcasts that are designed to equip marriages to go to the next level.

Many marriages are ending in divorce. But what about the remaining marriages that have become roommate situations? Is this what God intended for us? Isn’t marriage supposed to be the context where we learn first hand the power of covenant, commitment, sacrifice and connection?

Unfortunately, most of us were not equipped to have powerful marriages that overcome obstacles. Most of the time, they barely get by.

Passionate About Marriage and Relationships

Mark and Melissa work full time in ministering to the battles that people face, which include:

  • Healing of the Heart
  • Renewing of the Mind
  • Healthy and Powerful Relationships

One of the most important earthly relationships is that of the marriage bond. As a major part of their ministry work, Mark and Melissa have felt a strong passion to call marriages to go to higher level–to live as overcomers, together.

The War Over Marriages

Mark and Melissa started off their marriage right away realizing they had a lot of issues, struggles and baggage to address. Yet their hearts were determined to grow to maximum potential. This led them on a deep journey of discovery together, on how to experience a greater fullness of intimacy and oneness in their marriage.

Mark and Melissa DeJesus


As they shared what they discovered with others, they found other marriages were experiencing great fruit as a result. So it has been a deep passion of theirs to equip other marriages with the simple insights they have learned in the trenches.

Their approach is strong and firm, yet full of love for what God designed marriage to be. We pray that through the words that are shared and principles that are laid out, you will gain a greater sense of how to take your marriage to the next level.

Three Areas of Focus:

These episodes will address the following areas:

  • Powerful Communication
  • Overcoming the Roommate Syndrome
  • Building Intimacy that Lasts

For more information on Mark and Melissa’s ministry work, go to markdejesus.com